Declaration of exports

Are you going to export goods from Norway? Remember that you must always declare the goods to be exported to the Customs Agency.

Let Avant Forwarding help you with the declaration of export shipments! Among other things, we can assist with goods declaration, temporary export, re-export and restricted goods.

The goods must always be declared when exporting

Customs must give permission before you can send goods out of Norway. As an exporter, you must therefore report to the Norwegian authorities via the declaration. When the Customs Service has carried out a customs expedition to check the declarations, the goods can be sent out of Norway. The expedition is carried out in the Norwegian Customs Service’s customs clearance system.

Three central areas within export customs clearance

  • High item value of over NOK 5,000
  • Temporary export
  • Re-importation to Norway

Restricted goods

Before exporting a habit, you must check whether there are any restrictions relating to the item in question with the authorities in the country to which the item is to be sent.

Remember that some goods with a value of less than NOK 5,000 still have to be cleared through customs.

Customs clearance documentation

When exporting an item, you as the exporter are responsible for marking and addressing the items correctly, in addition to submitting the correct customs clearance documentation.