Daily settlement for customs clearance

Freight forwarders can apply to the Swedish Tax Agency for permission to make a combined settlement for customs declarations submitted on one and the same day. This is called daily settlement, and can only be granted to freight forwarders who clear customs for others.

Avant Forwarding helps you with your customs clearance, whether it concerns daily settlement, customs clearance responsibility, day credit or customs credit.

Daily settlement for companies

Avant Forwarding calculates duties and taxes for companies that do not have customs credit and private individuals. We do this when the goods arrive. The consignment will further be cleared at customs on the day before delivery.

Customs clearance responsibility

In the case of imports, it is the declared consignee who is responsible for paying customs duties, taxes and fees. Before the Customs Agency can release the goods, and the end user can use them, customs duties, taxes and fees must be paid or reported.

Remember that customs, duties and fees can be paid at all customs offices that carry out expeditions.

Customs credit

Customs credit is a financing scheme that simplifies the process of paying customs duties and taxes. With a customs credit, you also get a deferred payment deadline, as customs and fees that accrue in one month are due on the 18th. in the following month. If you do not have a customs credit, you must pay taxes at the time of customs clearance.

If you want a customs credit for paying customs duties and taxes on imports, you can apply for this at the Norwegian Tax Agency.

This is how daily settlement takes place

  1. When the shipment arrives, it is placed in Avant Forwarding’s customs warehouse
  2. Our customs clearance department calculates duties, taxes and VAT. We also issue an invoice which is sent to the importer
  3. As soon as the invoice has been paid, we send the customs clearance on a daily basis to the customs authorities
  4. The goods are released from the customs warehouse when the customs authorities approve the clearance. The goods are delivered in accordance with the conditions prescribed in the transport order
  5. The following day, the daily settlement is paid to the customs authorities
  6. If the customs rate has changed since the time the calculation took place, a credit memo will be created and sent for the difference