Direct distribution

Ordinary distribution of piece goods and partial goods does not always have to be the best transport solution for you and your company, but together we can find a distribution solution tailored to your company.

Direct distribution takes place without reloading at the terminal, thus reducing the risk of damage and errors.

You get this with direct distribution solutions

Among other things, you can get a tailor-made route according to your needs, and we also use a delivery van for express deliveries.

With Avant Forwarding, you get the predictability and quality you need. We can deliver your goods according to the time, both on the same day, day and night. Our experienced drivers can also deliver goods adapted to a limited delivery window. If your goods require good solutions for difficult or demanding goods structure, we will help you with this.

Which distribution solution is best for your company?

We can offer distribution solutions that are suitable for most companies. These include, among other things, fixed routes, special missions and individual missions.

Which distribution vehicle is best for your company?

  • Delivery van, goods taxi
  • Large or small van/truck