Multimodal transport

With multimodal transport, different transport and shipping methods are used in one and the same transport order. Here, cargo is moved from the place of origin to the place of destination using different transport solutions, but under one contract.

The biggest advantage of combined forms of shipping is that we find and use the most efficient transport combination for, among other things, FCL, LCL, partial goods, piece goods and all other shipment types.

In addition to the fact that multimodal transport is efficient, it can also lead to optimized delivery deadlines, increased cost control and a more sustainable form of transport.

Compositions in multimodal transport

There are several combinations of multimodal transport, these are air freight , train freight, sea freight and road freight .

Advantages of multimodal shipping

This shipping solution makes shipping both cheaper, faster and more flexible. In addition, we save the environment from unnecessary Co2 emissions, and are, in a sense, a greener solution for shipping.